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    Hi fellow entrepreneur,

    I am Edith, and I wanted to introduce myself and let you know a little about my background and why I understand what you need and why I am sure I can help you. After working with various companies and witnessing them growing exponentially, I started this blog as a division of my off-line consulting company because I wanted to reach a wider audience of entrepreneurs worldwide to give them the same benefits and results I’ve had for my clients.

    I spent almost two decades working with businesses to develop financial infrastructure that enable them to streamline their processes, and establish better systems that improves momentum to growth. While working with my clients I gained a lot of insights on what makes a company succeed  and what causes failure. As a result, I decided to extract and evaluate this secret sauce and research companies with viral growth to determine if my blueprint theory of business growth was accurate. And it was! Through case studies and analyses I  used what I learnt to create a capsule for business growth – I call it The New 4P Advanced Success System™, or The New4P™ for short.

    Now, as an Online Business Growth Strategist, I work with passion-driven, ambitious entrepreneurs all over the world who are ready to live abundant and purposeful lifestyle.  Together with my Growth Managers, we do all the work of our clients to grow their business or we teach business owners how to plan, market, brand, develop and grow their business using my revenue generating system that includes planning, marketing and building profits.

    Every Business Needs The Internal Ability To Seamlessly Increase Customer Acquisition And Revenue, While Decreasing Costs.

    Every Business Needs The Efficiency Of Automation To Maximize Productivity And Performance That Drives Exponential Revenue.


    We'd like to know about you and your business.



    Many companies earn millions of dollars yearly in revenue, but much of that revenue is drastically reduced in overheads costs. Likewise, many companies who desire to increase their customer-base are spending too much money on marketing and sales costs with very little R.O.I. Challenges like these impact a company’s bottom-line and whittle away the business owner’s paycheck.

    My clients’ desire is to improve their bottom-line and increase their revenue and personal income, and these are some of the goals that I work towards fulfilling. This means costs need to be low in comparison to increase proportion in overall revenue. As a result, my work is based on driving revenue up, while keeping costs down to bring about increased profitability and increase take home pay for my clients.

    I believe that Profit Maximization and Revenue Maximization are the chief cornerstone efficiencies of a scalable, healthy and successful business.


    Challenges You Face While Dealing With Lack of Sales:

      You don’t have a clear plan on how to grow your business, or the plan you have is not working.

      You’ve hired people who can’t seem to get the job done to bring you the results you expected.

      You see too many solutions in the marketplace and not sure which ones will work best for you.

      You are using marketing methods that haven’t worked or no longer working.

      You find yourself cutting into your own salary to cover urgent overhead costs and still not able to make ends meet.

      You see a lot of your competitors growing and wondering how they are doing it.

      You know your business idea is a great one, but wonder sometimes why your business is not where you think it should be.

      You haven’t figured out a clear unique selling proposition for your product and service, so you do not know how to position your company or your marketing message effectively to build a strong brand.

     You have exhausted your mode of finding customers and your operation and positioning feels stale with very low impact in your market.

      You are online trying to get customers, but you are not getting the results you expected.

      You need greater economies of scale, reducing costs while consistently driving revenue up.

      You realize there is a bottleneck in your sales funnel methods, but not sure how to turn this around.

      You are running your business on a stringent budget and worry about meeting deadlines to pay your bills.

      You are tired of working so hard, hustling to get to your dream goals.

      You wasted a lot of time researching and going through months and years of trials and errors.

      You know you must do something fast but not sure where to start.

      You want more of your time to be spent on recreation, with family and enjoying quality of life.


    These are just a Few, but whatever Challenges you are Facing – We can Help!



    More and more business leaders are realizing that business process automation is the answer to low productivity and declining or stagnant sales. What is needed is a way to intelligently optimize how work gets done – by humans leveraging robots across the entire enterprise to automate tasks.

    With our business growth packages we have the ability to generate revenue with the latest intelligent automation for strategic deployment for leads, customer acquisition and customer retention – which are key factors to build a strong business.

    Our sophisticated techniques expedite momentum and speed of growth to your business planning endeavors. Built on automated lead generation, and leveraging artificial intelligence, scientific modeling and data-driven analytics we connect your business to customers looking for you online. We utilize targeted strategies to bring about unrivaled results by customizing growth that are suited for your business model, your market and your specific industry.

    Challenges Due To Low or Slow Operational Productivity:

      You and your team spend too much time on tasks that you can easily implement automated processes to improve productivity.

      You have too many people handling too many tasks; automation cut costs by narrowing down manual work and decrease production cycle.

      You believe automated systems and processes are too expensive; in fact due to the increased demand in automated technology the supply and price of automated systems are increasingly cost-effective.

      You view automation as technology that you have no time for, but automation is the technique to save time, build speed and generate faster growth for your business.

      You are not targeting your market the most precise way; automation helps you to do this and monitor the behavior of your target market.

      Your marketing department is not fully integrated with your sales process and customer retention process; automation unites the gaps.

      Your sales force are not using strategies that are built on market trends; automation helps you extract data and use to your advantage.

      You are using some aspect of automated processes but you don’t have the skill or have properly trained and skilled personnel to use the tools to the maximum ability.

      You have automated some processes  to manage all the digital communications, but have no remedial process to manage what happens when those conversations accelerate the buying process.

      You are getting online leads but do not know why they are not converting to customer, because there is a disconnect between meeting potential customers and the knowledge how to convert them to paying customers. The answer? Automation.

      You are getting customers but not sure why you are losing them so quickly; you lack the tools and skills to educate, nurture, retain  or expand existing customer-base. You need Automation.


    Automation is the Cure – And We have the System & Strategies! 




    If the above challenges and scenarios sound like what you are experiencing, then you’re in the right place.


    My entire mission is based on the dream to support on a global level, as many entrepreneurs as possible, to confidently fulfill their passion for the freedom that comes with owning a business.

    My vision is to affirm this concept of success and facilitate the fulfillment of it by helping you forecast and meet your highest earning potential. Then you can commit to fulfilling your financial dream and moving along a decisive path to start earning the seven-figure paycheck you deserve.

    One of my most important strategies is to do things a little differently, with the goal of getting better results for my clients. The New4P™ is for you whether you’ve been in business several years or just one, or if your business is simply a seed of an idea to be planted in good soil. The New4P™ prepares you to take action, and take charge of your business and build a compelling brand that attracts the right customers who are looking for you.

    Edith Flowers - Director & Growth Strategist

    As founder and director of Business Growth Managers, LLC, Edith Flowers is best known for her fearless strategies, attention to detail, out-of-the-box thinking, unprecedented levels of determination, super client service skills and leadership. She has leveraged these natural skills to continue to produce creative, elegant and effective solutions for her clients.

    As a change agent, Edith is a “materializer of dreams” with the expertise to effectuate structural improvement in your company.  As a strategist financial analyst and forecaster, she has almost two decades of experience building her reputation on rescuing failing businesses and improving systems to help companies scale and grow. Edith has an innovative skill to re-engineer business through organic business plans that activates maximum growth utilizing agile team building, intuitive branding and financial analytics. The New4P™ is just one of her latest inventions…More On Edith


    My biggest obstacle when I met with Edith was organizing my campaign. Using The New4P™ she gave me a holistic approach, across the entire daycare foundation and processes. She helped me fine-tune and focus on the key factors to build my brand and helped me visualize a plan that matched exactly what I want to accomplish. I really loved how she took me from where I was to a place where I was sure how to differentiate myself from my competitors and re-brand my company. Revamping and introducing a more professional image of my daycare and introducing stellar resources gave me clarity and a simple plan to success. The positioning and marketing message was so much clearer, appealing and attractive. I feel happy about my business and although I always knew I had a great daycare she has made it even better -  more sophisticated. I have a better structure, resilience in my industry and a deeper understanding how to reach my market and increase the revenue I have always dreamt of.  My marketing strategies and campaign ignited by The New4P™ is a huge success endeavor and I am now more competitive than ever!
    D Little Angels Daycare (Daycare firm)
    Lakeisha Small, RN - CEO & Owner  - Queens, New York
    Amazing insight in this book model "The Biz Growth Booster"! This is an amazing revelation of me being the best that I can be. Learning to deal with my past and jumping into a healthy and productive future. I love this book and its work sheets. Immediate implementation!
    Network Marketer, Team Manager
    Ulmata Bruce - Edison, NJ
    As a start-up poised to launch very soon, working with Edith and The New4P™ was an eye opener for me. It effortlessly opened up a deeper understanding of a plan of action that provided a seamless blueprint to follow for the success of my company - a success that is tailored exclusively for my company and me as its founder. This intricate yet clear perspective has given me the advantage of championing the ideal solution for my market, my industry and my ideal customer. Now I’m able to project my brand in a fine-tuned and targeted fashion to my audience and know how to move forward and market my brand with predictive results
    Neolaía FZE (Organic Skin Care Products firm)
    Karen Sivertsen, PhD - President & CEO  - Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates
    Edith has been consulting with our firm over seven years now. She's very knowledgeable, dependable, trustworthy and quick. I don't know what we would do without her. Every change in the business requires flexibility, care and insight to develop new, effective and scale-able system and we can always count on her to go above and beyond our expectation. She is definitely a partner throughout these years of our growth.
    VR Networks Inc. (IT firm)
    Sana Hameed - President  - New York City, NY, USA
    I only wish I had met Edith and worked with her from the beginning of my 20 years in business, we would have saved tremendous effort and time. Within less than a year with us Edith transformed our company’s financials by implementing a new streamlined system that has brought the simplicity, efficiency and productivity that we absolutely needed. Edith gave my business the personalized attention that is second to none. I highly recommend her service.
    JJ Falk Design LLC (Architectural Interior Design firm)
    Jacqueline (JJ) Falk - Managing Principal  - New York City, NY, USA
    Years ago when I started my company Edith played a key role in advisement and creating streamlined processes that would standardize practices across my enterprise, not only for then but for the future. This has given much leverage in taking charge of my business and watch it grow continuously year after year. She has a gift to see the big picture and resolve issues diligently and quickly.
    People’s Environmental, Inc (Engineer firm)
    Dipo H. Aka-Bashorun - President  - New York City, NY, USA
    I’ve worked with Edith for about eight years now and respect her as a person and hold her services as high quality that add tremendous value to my business. Having her on board has enabled me to set my numbers and understand my growth direction better. If your business needs a better structure and efficient cost effective ways to plan and grow with ease and clarity, she’s the one.
    Mr Handtruck (Retail Supplier Warehouse firm)
    Edwin Sanchez - President & CEO  - Bronx, NY, USA
    Edith has strong financial analytical and development skills which helped our company immensely in our constant assessment, improvement and integration of our business model. I’m confident she will be able to make an immediate as well as positive impact on any organization.
    GRB Environmental, Inc (Engineer firm)
    Maria Tamburro - Operations Director  - New York City, NY, USA

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