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Social Media Optimization, The King of Cost-Effective Traffic!

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is the process of increasing the awareness of a service, product, brand or event by using several social media networks and platforms to generate viral publicity. As social media has become a ubiquitous part of the online experience, it represents a new set of engagement for consumers, businesses and marketers. With the goal of awareness, instead of it is more effective to go through a process by which you make your content easily shareable across social platforms. Social media optimization includes bookmarking sites, using RSS feeds, eye catching images, fresh content, interaction, easy share, syndication, personable story-telling, social news, videos, badges, and an extensive list of engaging activities

SMO is a task-intensive online marketing effort and as such it works best with automating most of it with other technology to make it more productive, economical for our clients and effective. With our strategic SMO we combine manual posting with A.I. real-time web analytics, social dashboards, link building tools, and we post messages and retweets during your audience’s most receptive time periods, measure Click-Through Rate (CTR), and much more.

The goal of SMO is to drive traffic to your Website. Your prospects are looking for you in social networks. If you are not optimizing your online social presence, you are leaving a lot of money on the table. Many of your prospects are waiting for you to warm up with them and convert them into customers. SMO is also a fantastic way to nurture your current customers. Our goal is to increase social referral and content sharing traffic, lower bounce rate on your website or in the case of ecommerce, increased sales. This in turn increase search results.

We focus our efforts on the four social and online networks: Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Twitter. However, our social media optimization work covers YouTube, Instagram, Blogger, Snapchat, Pinterest, and many more (see the 2018 list from Statista). We can set up and optimize your accounts in all these networks. Your prospects are on these networks and platforms and they need to see your business, your optimized profile and fan pages that reflect your brand. They respond better when they know there’s a human behind the business, messages, status posts, and comments.

The goal is for you to know what platform or network your target audience populate. We use data to understand your target customer’s behavior and journey and will understand how to reach them in the right place, at the right time, in a way that drives the performance that build your customer base. From creating compelling graphics to crafting customized, targeted campaigns, we help you create a consistent image that resonate with your audience. We build your presence on the right channels so that users and influencers can find, connect, and convert.

The impact of social media in search results for businesses is also on the rise, growing three times over the past few years. People are 70% more likely to buy products or services from a business they can find on social network. Optimizing social media campaigns will increase your overall direct traffic, organic search, and social supporters, ultimately generating more business.

Here is a global report on stats of Social networks compiled by Statisto.




Facebook has approximately 2.2 billion active users and is the hottest social media site and is growing day by day.  It is a cost effective and way to reach new leads and build customer engagement. We will share stories, pictures and videos, run contests and special promotions on your behalf. Engage reviewers with tasty automated daily posting. We’ll make sure your account is active and well-maintained with targeted posts to boost engagements.




It has over 260 million users worldwide, of which almost 150 million users are from the U.S. Geographical reach is 200 countries to date. This makes LinkedIn the perfect platform for B2B business leads. We’ll create and build your profile and join discussions and groups on your behalf.




This versatile platform boosts your search ranking. With approximately 20 million unique users monthly it is very effective because of the SEO benefits it brings. A thriving community of searchers are there waiting for your more in-depth content and useful shares that can influence your brand. A Google+ profile has authorship algorithm which brings up other written materials you have done on the Internet. We’ll create your profile and do the work for you and allow you to reap the rewards. We optimize your business information, keywords and images and share posts to boost your online social presence.




Twitter has 330 million monthly active users who generate over 340 million tweets a day. Your target audience on Twitter for automated tweets. We organize automate tweets to your target groups of followers build loyalty, interaction and engagement. We can use twitter marketing software to communicate with your audience via simple campaigns, recurring tweets, optimize time, and more. We optimize time by creating beginning and end dates of campaigns. We’ll set up your account, post regular tweets, and gain followers for you.




As a visual platform, Instagram is not a place to just share photos, it is more than that. Business are now seeing the value in marketing their brand on Instagram.  To date Instagram has approximately 800 million active users. With its increasing user base, Instagram is the perfect platform for reaching your audience in bite size consumable images and updates. We have the benefit of knowing how the platform works inside and out and know how to market your brands and create more leads and reach a different class of customer. We use the right hashtags to find your target group and gain followers and likes for you.




Is the fastest launched site to reach 10 million unique visitors. To date Pinterest has 200 million users and is a great traffic referral now for all types of businesses.  An increasing number of businesses are leveraging this visual platform to reach a new set of audience by pinning their valuable content for content curation. We can tailor your services with our knowledge of this platform to increase visits to their websites and generate leads and sales.


Core Benefits of Social Media Management


Better visibility: Relevant links mean better visibility in search engines which means even more followers. The more valuable information you put out there, the more readers will return and share your content.  Sharing and interaction creates content that can optimized for better visibility within search results, attracting new members to your social networks and blog.

Increased targeted traffic: Increase the amount of traffic to your websites of people who already know a little about you and are easily converted to customers.

Become an Influencer in Your Industry: Gaining more followers also grows your influence. Increasing the amount of people talking about you will make you become more valuable and authoritative to users. Interacting with major Influencers on Twitter, LinkedIn and other networks will also greatly increase your authority and reach.

Strengthening Authority of your brand: Sharing captivating content will highlight your brand image. The more users interact with your business, the more authoritative you your brand will look on search engines and social media

Establishing a Local Presence: Gaining momentum and visibility will let other view you as a supporter in your community and industry. Your name and company will start appearing in local search results, which includes social sites

Gain an engaging audience: Using tailored strategy and creating posts that engage your user build connections and customer relationships, which you can track and nurture.  

Build Good Reputation: Social media avail you the opportunity for you to present your business with the authenticity you have. This is crucial to both attracting and keeping customers. Leveraging review management with positive feedback for your business and intercept damaging feedback will help your company’s reputation

Increased knowledge about you and your offering: The goal of most websites is to attract visitors because it is there you display all your wares. When you share content on social media, you are giving users a reason to click-through to your website. Without social media, you are limiting your content to users who would not have otherwise know you. By adding social media in your marketing plan, you are adding more paths leading users back to your website creating conversion opportunities

Educate prospects to see you as the best choice: Creates brand awareness that qualified high paying clients are attracted to. You offer a wider reach to facilitate followers, fans and their friends and connections

There is a clear call to action: Messages and visuals capture attention and entice response. Your unique value and benefits are easily understood and appeal to the deepest desire of audience

Increase ROI & Save money: You get more on your marketing dollar. Social media a great, cost-effective way to get your brand in front of fans and potential customers. For example – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest allow you to promote and share content at no cost, and paid ads for inexpensive.

Maximize the amount of people who get to see you: Social media platforms offer advanced, but affordable advertising platforms you can use to target your consumers with keywords, demographic, market and interest-based campaigns.

Enhanced SEO rankings: Social media presence has become a significant factor in calculating SEO (organic) rankings. Businesses sharing their content on social media and are sending out a signal alert of their brands to search engines, helping their brand to build credibility. You can rank higher on search results you to know what specific keywords to use.

Build raving fans: SMO increases awareness about your business, product, service and brand. It facilitates reach, engagement and amplification of you and your brand. You will gain more following and fans who like you will share information you post, which will in turn build more connection for you. Your brand can spread like wildfire.






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