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    Our Solution

    At Biz Plans Masterminds (BPM), a division of Business Growth Managers LLC, we cater to the revenue generation needs of small and medium-sized enterprises: planning, marketing and financial development needs. We believe all businesses need consistent planning, clear and long-term vision with defined growth strategies to create financial stability and sustain market dominance.

    As such, we offer three sharply defined plans that seamlessly integrates as one: a game plan to configure growth, an execution plan to drive your game plan through marketing and sales, and a long-term growth plan to measure and address the factors surrounding sales – so you can continue building sustainable growth.

    A Growth Game Plan


    We offer a solid business model in the form of a quick capsulized business plan to lay a solid foundation for all your growth strategies to mobilize your business and set you apart from your competitors. Biz Plan Suite

    A Strategic Marketing Plan


    We  implement the most innovative marketing campaigns that are tailor-made after studying your business in order to optimize the results you should be getting versus what you currently have. Marketing Suite

    A Continual Growth Plan


    Finally, we leverage our proprietary growth formula The New4P™ – a unique breed of growth strategies that combines A.I. and growth marketing, so you can expand in your market and industry. Growth Suite

    To succeed in today’s market you need to plan your business to seamlessly operate on an automated evolving business model to compete and grow stronger throughout the test of time. You need to know who your most valuable customers are, how to convert them to loyal customers and how to transform their lives with your valuable service or product. You need to think and plan ahead in a revolutionary new way by first laying down the right foundation that has the ability to adapt rapidly to its changing environment.

    We Understand Your Challenges And We Want You To Succeed!
    Here Are Some Of The Results To Expect Working With Us:

     We create a simple, clear customized plan for you to unravel your goals.

     We deploy Artificial Intelligence in your campaign to dramatically stretch your advertising dollars on paid ads with the same or more customer conversions.

     We have the financial planning expertise to keep our costs down with greater economies of scale so we could transfer this savings into reducing prices for our high quality services to help you grow your business.

     We establish your plan of action on auto-pilot taking the stress and work out of planning, marketing and growing.

     We automate your customer acquisition process and clarify your sales funnel strategies.

     We increase your revenue and expand your customers base.

     We increase your online visibility, engagement and traffic.

     We increase your leads and optimize customers conversion rates.

     We help you define milestones and take your business to the next level.

     We set up a customer generating model that is repeatable, yet flexible and sensitive to the changing needs of your customers due to changes in market and industry trends.

     We help you understand your industry weaknesses on a deeper level, and sharpen your strengths to build a competitive and viable business.

     We help you pinpoint your most valuable customer with strategic focus on a deeper meaning to your value proposition.

     We increase your scaleability while increasing productivity.

     We map out productive, time sensitive steps to get you increased results.

     We help you streamline your most valuable offering to charge premium price.

     We help you figure out where cash is leaking and provide expert advice on where to cut costs and expenses.

     We tighten up your internal systems and processes to increase your profits and ROI.

     We create a growth plan that you will easily utilize to maximize ongoing automated revenue for the future.

    We are a dedicated group of Growth Managers: Strategists, Growth Marketers, Programmers and Designers who manage the work of our clients across many industries. We start by listening to your needs and design a tailored growth package suited for your business. From your game plan we build your marketing and sales foundation on a firm ground with strategies in place to expand your business.  By focusing on short and effective planning and growth strategies we maximize long-term results.

    We Walk You Through The Entire Process That Includes:

    • Needs Assessment
    • Product Development & Logistic Review
    • Product/Service Revenue Development
    • Strategic and Growth Planning
    • Automated Lead Generation
    • Marketing Plan Development
    • Competitive Advantage Strategy
    • Branding Strategy
    • Sales and Customer Acquisition Planning
    • Success and Wealth Mindset Development
    • Cost, Expense & Capital Analyses
    • Public Relations & Media Planning
    • Team Development
    • Organizational Redesign
    • Principles of High Performance
    • Leadership Development and Self-Mastery
    • Mission-Based Hiring Support
    • Time and Productivity Management
    • Change Management and Diversification Planning
    • Customer Service Training and Management
    • Problem Solving Facilitation
    • Automated Systems Integration
    • Content Management and Marketing
    • And, much more…

    Why Work With Us

    We will get you and your business motivated, focused, and super productive, much faster

    We are not a traditional business planning company or a typical marketing agency. We are a hybrid of planning, marketing, sales and financial clarity and development. We compare your weaknesses and strengths to develop immediate growth strategies and predict marketability for future ongoing business. We leverage business intelligence and competitive analysis of successful name brands to help you uncover and transform the unconscious barriers to your business success and help you grow your business by making it focused, effective and super productive.

    We give you a simplified cost-effective mix of the best growth strategies, so you can win

    Our approach is also different from the traditional strategic business development firms and is a much better fit for companies looking for a simple, effective and inexpensive way to leverage growth marketing. We examine all your departments, systems and processes and use a simplified mix of the best business growth strategies: combining growth marketing, scientific analytics, artificial intelligence, business intelligence, business planning, etc. to tailor to your needs. If you are looking at your business and realize that innovation, differentiation and branding will provide a great value to win in the marketplace, we are here to help you.

    Deep industry specific knowledge of our Managers (growth marketers, programmers and designers)

    Our conversion rate experts are highly trained in growth marketing and have deep industry specific knowledge on what works to give you the edge in increasing revenue. Together we work on your campaign to bring about the most optimum results, while saving you time, increased returns on investment, economies of scale and profitability.

    We listen actively, so we are able to understand quicker and solve your problems more effectively

    When we speak to a potential client we set aside all our opinions to listen objectively to them first. Then we offer insights and recommendations as we delve deep into the history, obstacles and opportunities of the business to figure out what worked in the past or why the client has a setback in their business now. Through this brainstorming session we gather all necessary data and break down and modify their vision, mission and desires, and begin creating a formula to remedy all issues.

    We always find your 'sweet spot' to channel the right unique selling proposition so you can dominate your niche

    For those who are planning to start a business, our approach is quite similar. We find out who they are and have them undergo business personality tests and analyses to find out what business is best for them or offer strategic advice on whether or not the business they have in mind is the right fit for them. Once we find a “sweet spot”, we provide full installation of a business plan, marketing plan and a growth plan.

    We stand by our words, so we have a 100% money back guarantee on our business development package

    Because we care about our clients and work hard to ensure that they understand that their needs are important, we have a 100% no hassle money back guarantee. If we present a plan to our clients and the plan doesn’t increase their client-base within 90 days after implementation, all their monies will be returned. Some services you should begin to see results in a few days and some services takes longer. For example, to get the best from SEO, we combine it with other customer conversion packages while building SEO momentum.

    Imagine you get to find out that growing your company to the next level just required quick, simple and effective strategies that can only be uncovered by a team that is not satisfied with just doing the bare minimum.


    My biggest obstacle when I met with Edith was organizing my campaign. Using The New4P™ she gave me a holistic approach, across the entire daycare foundation and processes. She helped me fine-tune and focus on the key factors to build my brand and helped me visualize a plan that matched exactly what I want to accomplish. I really loved how she took me from where I was to a place where I was sure how to differentiate myself from my competitors and re-brand my company. Revamping and introducing a more professional image of my daycare and introducing stellar resources gave me clarity and a simple plan to success. The positioning and marketing message was so much clearer, appealing and attractive. I feel happy about my business and although I always knew I had a great daycare she has made it even better -  more sophisticated. I have a better structure, resilience in my industry and a deeper understanding how to reach my market and increase the revenue I have always dreamt of.  My marketing strategies and campaign ignited by The New4P™ is a huge success endeavor and I am now more competitive than ever!
    D Little Angels Daycare (Daycare firm)
    Lakeisha Small, RN - CEO & Owner  - Queens, New York
    Amazing insight in this book model "The Biz Growth Booster"! This is an amazing revelation of me being the best that I can be. Learning to deal with my past and jumping into a healthy and productive future. I love this book and its work sheets. Immediate implementation!
    Network Marketer, Team Manager
    Ulmata Bruce - Edison, NJ
    As a start-up poised to launch very soon, working with Edith and The New4P™ was an eye opener for me. It effortlessly opened up a deeper understanding of a plan of action that provided a seamless blueprint to follow for the success of my company - a success that is tailored exclusively for my company and me as its founder. This intricate yet clear perspective has given me the advantage of championing the ideal solution for my market, my industry and my ideal customer. Now I’m able to project my brand in a fine-tuned and targeted fashion to my audience and know how to move forward and market my brand with predictive results
    Neolaía FZE (Organic Skin Care Products firm)
    Karen Sivertsen, PhD - President & CEO  - Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates
    Edith has been consulting with our firm over seven years now. She's very knowledgeable, dependable, trustworthy and quick. I don't know what we would do without her. Every change in the business requires flexibility, care and insight to develop new, effective and scale-able system and we can always count on her to go above and beyond our expectation. She is definitely a partner throughout these years of our growth.
    VR Networks Inc. (IT firm)
    Sana Hameed - President  - New York City, NY, USA
    I only wish I had met Edith and worked with her from the beginning of my 20 years in business, we would have saved tremendous effort and time. Within less than a year with us Edith transformed our company’s financials by implementing a new streamlined system that has brought the simplicity, efficiency and productivity that we absolutely needed. Edith gave my business the personalized attention that is second to none. I highly recommend her service.
    JJ Falk Design LLC (Architectural Interior Design firm)
    Jacqueline (JJ) Falk - Managing Principal  - New York City, NY, USA
    Years ago when I started my company Edith played a key role in advisement and creating streamlined processes that would standardize practices across my enterprise, not only for then but for the future. This has given much leverage in taking charge of my business and watch it grow continuously year after year. She has a gift to see the big picture and resolve issues diligently and quickly.
    People’s Environmental, Inc (Engineer firm)
    Dipo H. Aka-Bashorun - President  - New York City, NY, USA
    I’ve worked with Edith for about eight years now and respect her as a person and hold her services as high quality that add tremendous value to my business. Having her on board has enabled me to set my numbers and understand my growth direction better. If your business needs a better structure and efficient cost effective ways to plan and grow with ease and clarity, she’s the one.
    Mr Handtruck (Retail Supplier Warehouse firm)
    Edwin Sanchez - President & CEO  - Bronx, NY, USA
    Edith has strong financial analytical and development skills which helped our company immensely in our constant assessment, improvement and integration of our business model. I’m confident she will be able to make an immediate as well as positive impact on any organization.
    GRB Environmental, Inc (Engineer firm)
    Maria Tamburro - Operations Director  - New York City, NY, USA

    Want To Get Started On Your Own?

    To get started on your own just download our free generic template for business planning. This one page version is a simple preview of our full business formula.  But it’s enough to give you an idea of what’s in store for your business. It is structured on the same proprietary blueprint of The New4P™ formula and should be very useful to give you some ideas to start simplifying your action plan, get you motivated with ideas to brand yourself, narrow down your perfect niche and create or refine your unique selling proposition.


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