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    As part of our growth strategy we create a Growth Plan for you that can be used on its own or fortified with our Academy portal (coming soon!). Clients who purchased The New4P™ program are automatically enrolled as students in The New4P™ Academy and will get full-access to this portal at no cost as lifetime members.

    This is the Suite to learn growth principles that impacts long-term and stable growth for you and your company, within your particular industry. You get access to market and industry intelligence and guidance to move your company off the ground, so you can soar. You learn how to prepare your mindset, how to take action to lay the foundation of your business, get clarity on how to advance and increase sales. Here is where you learn the rudiments of modern marketing: branding strategies, customer retention, revenue generation, sales strategies, how to position your business, etc. so you can solidify valuable metrics leveraging growth marketing.

    Growth marketing, as a business tool is the most powerful marketing concept, it focuses attention on the process of finding the most sustainable DNA to enable a business to be more scalable to grow and then keep growing. This is what we do: We “audit” or “hack” your business idea, process and everything else to cut away what’s not or will not work, remove unnecessary, wasteful and counterproductive elements of a company’s systems and processes. Then we rebuild on lean, stronger growth drivers. All brainstorming, testing, strategies, re-working, prioritizing, etc. are weighed against the potential impact for positioning or re-positioning, branding and repeatable ways to market and grow long term. Our courses, coaching, training and programs are based on a similar premise that maximizes long-term growth.

    Experience The Change In The New Direction To Growing Your Business.
    It's Time For Modern Marketing.
    Bye Old 4P - Hello New4P!

    The Old 4P

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    The New4P™

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    The New4P™, next-gen user-friendly eLearning portal (The New4P™ Academy) creates an online learning and business development roadmap to access content to grow your business. Our highly secure and encrypted portal delivers a user friendly, personalized cloud-powered learning experience across multiple devices, including mobile applications.

    Training Subscription Packages
    Users on our portal are able to subscribe and access life time training materials, establish learning goals, download courses and updates in various formats and track their performance in one system. If you are ready to gain leverage by learning the secret formula to get your business working we are ready to help you. Our training will sharpen your mindset, motivation, confidence and knowledge base to take your business to the next level.

    Real Time One-On-One Business Coaching
    Your training is personalized ad  bolstered by our coaching process. We put you at the center of our coaching to understand your needs and address them the way that works best for you. In this learner-centered approach, it’s all about us helping you to generate your own ideas and help customizing a solution for your success. You get an unbiased guide to help you understand and change the patterns that are preventing you from achieving your business goals.

    Some benefits of our one-on-one business coaching are:

    The main benefit of our coaching programs is keeping you business and building you a sustainable and profitable business for the long-haul.
      You take greater responsibility and accountability to commit to your business success
      You gain ability to establish and take action towards personal fulfillment and achieving goals
      You become more self-reliant and confident
      You become more satisfied and positive
      You learn the skills to communicate better with your customers and team
      You grow deeper roots into your mission to grow your business
      You find the method to break away your mental blocks and improve your passion for your business goals
      You experience more success in your business

    We conduct real time coaching, webinars, demos, Skype calls, etc., from The New4P™ Academy, and create videos afterwards that are stored and shared on the membership platform. These can later be accessed online or via mobile-friendly applications.

    Individual Courses

    Our individual courses are divided into three packages with different price brackets. They come in different formats: PDF downloads, Videos and DVDs for immediate access, and include swipe files and worksheets for clear action plans to get you the results you are looking for.  We package them being aware that everyone is not at the same level, we take into consideration where you are at with your needs and price appetite.  This way you can get what you need to develop your business at a price that match your needs.

    Whether you are small or medium-sized or just about to start a business or have concerns that you might go out of business, we have a plan for you. All courses are built from the foundation of The New4P™ .

    • How to Quit Your Job – The Smart Way
    • The New4P™ Business Plan Starter Kit
    • New Business Owner Guide To Marketing Success
    • How to Start A Business You Love: Monetizing Your Passion The Right Way
    • How to Prepare For A Profitable Business: My Secret Formula
    • How to get 7 Customers in 7 days Without Spending A Cent: An Introduction to Building a Referral Team
    • Is Coaching For You? Secret Business Planning For Coaches & Mentors
    • How to get 1,000 Leads In 30 Days To Increase Sales: An Introduction to Marketing & Sales Funnels
    • Branding For Profits: The New4P™, Cardinal Points for Branding
    • The New & Improved Network Marketing: The Secret to Building Your Team and Client Base
    • How to Revamp A Dying Business
    • Building The Right Business Plan That Ensures Success
    • Setting Up A Premium Coaching Business To Get Premium Clients
    • The New4P™ : Open A New Door For Massive Success!
    • The New4P™ : The Mastermind Master-Boot Camp!
    • Train Yourself To Be Your Own Mentor: 6 Easy Steps To Build A Powerful Positive Mindset
    • The Blueprint to Successful Business Leadership
    • Management Key Points of Success
    • Management Boot Camp: Be Stress-less, Work-less and Profit-boundless
    • Leading Your Company To Success Calls For Your Highest Element


    The goal for these signature programs is to create productivity and seamless growth in your company in a modality that fosters personal growth and personal and business branding, while giving your business the structure and foundation for lasting viability and growth.

    For Start-Ups,“New Business GPS to Success™” : We designed this program for the individual who have always known they were worth more than the regular 9-5 grind. They do not see a future of going to work for someone else, because they know they have the “boss” mindset, the leadership strength and the talent to win as a CEO. They dream of the jet-setter lifestyle, full of flexibility, purpose and financial freedom, where they are the ones calling the shots and in full control to leverage their earning power.

    For Older Companies, “Business Reboot Master Plan™”: This program was designed for individuals who have started on the road of entrepreneurship and have a big goal ahead of them, they envision their success and long to reach it. They dream of making a big difference in the world with their talents and passion, but feel stuck in a business that they know can grow but haven’t found the best way to brand their products and services and build a reservoir of customers.

    These two premium programs are our most comprehensive guide and growth plans. They are a mixture of course curriculum and hands on coaching.

    Are any of these programs right for you?

    New Business GPS to Success™

    Business Reboot Master plan™

    pilot and implementation , design, development , assessment

    If you are…

      A budding success dreamer, who is filled with boldness and passion to win

      A new coach or experienced coach devoted to meaningful, lifelong work of impact, but not seeing the results (revenue, consistent client engagement or high-paying clients) that you know you deserve.

      A consultant or seasoned business owner who wants to expand to your fullest potential and attract, retain and impact premium customers

      Sure you’re not meant to blend in and you have a unique way about you, and given the chance to narrow down what makes you different you know you will build a strong and profitable brand.

      Eager and open to learn, take action, grow and scale in a short time by working at your dream and do whatever it takes to get the prescribed results.

      Committed to having it all, but in a simple and productive way so you won’t have to sacrifice your health, or family time to make it happen.

    Then these programs are for you. 

    And here are a few features and benefits of these packages.

      Weekly live Coaching calls with Edith for 12 weeks – 2 calls weekly.

      12 Modules of training and hands on follow up

      Workbooks for Action Plan and one-on-one Follow up

     Customized Landing Page / One page Website for Sales and Marketing Funnel

      Private Mastermind Facebook Group

      Exclusive Training by Guest Industry Experts

    Results: Your Unique Selling Proposition, Premium Paying Customers, More Confidence In Your Success Goals and A Solid Business Foundation


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