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Affiliate Management Creates A Wonderful Win-Win When Done Right!

Affiliate marketing has contributed to the rise of many leading brands and company growth. Amazon, for example, is one of the first significant adopters to affiliate marketing and now has hundreds of thousands of affiliates worldwide.

To put it simple, affiliate marketing is a low-risk, performance driven marketing model that compensate affiliate partners for referring and driving paid customers to your website. This form of marketing is extremely beneficial and a highly favored internet marketing strategy. It offers a win-win revenue stream for both you and your affiliate.

However, there are two sides to an affiliate model: Product merchant creator/seller and the Affiliate marketer/retailer and both share the income derived from the sale to the customer/buyer.

The Affiliate Marketer/Retailer:

To become an affiliate (affiliate marketer/retailer), you don’t need a staff, product or even knowledge and you set your own hours. You will perform affiliate marketing by offering the affiliate seller products as direct ad sales, sponsored posts or through other online methods and receive a commission on those sales. We will help you find affiliate sellers who you can work with and help you gain the knowledge and resources to sell those products and start a business. As a blogger, for instance, you can put products for reputable sellers on your blog and receive a commission on all sales.

If you are planning on becoming an affiliate retailer, these are some of the support and help in store for you working with us:


● Trouble-shoot your blog to see if affiliate marketing is right for you

● Find high quality products that is easier to sell

● Advertisement to increase targeted traffic to your site

● Find people who are looking for your products

●  Content marketing to build trust with your readers

●  Write excellent sales copy to convert leads into buyers

●  Teach you the sales skills to enhance the brand


The Affiliate Merchant/Seller:

On the other hand, to establish an affiliate program (product merchant creator/seller) you need to bring in the right partner, the right niche and a goal to get your product on many sites – so the real deliverable hinges on choosing the right affiliate marketer to become your partner.

We offer our clients who are affiliate sellers a full solution for their affiliate program. From accessing your needs right down to your competitive advantage we design a customized program for you. We then help you launch your program and insert your tracking system. For your affiliate program to be successful, you need to work with the right professional who can refine everything for you from the start and provide helpful insights and marketing tips. This will enable you to position yourself strategically for success and not waste your time and money. If done improperly affiliate marketing can also damage your brand if you choose the wrong strategies and wrong partners.

If you are planning on becoming an affiliate merchant seller, these are some of the support and help in store for you working with us:


●  Find out if affiliate partnership is the right strategy for your brand

●  Streamline and validate your product idea

●  Help with finding the right affiliate program

●  Write and validate program terms

●  Write banners and text ads to promote the site

●  Provide direction and advise on product creation and

●  Types of commissions to pay

●  Channels and restrictions

●  Set-up link tracking

●  Help with choosing the right affiliate network

●  Help with choosing the right affiliate partner (retailer) to represent your brand

●  Develops ongoing strategy and tweaking program, and so on



Core Benefits Of Implementing Affiliate Management To Business Growth:

☑ Create win-win revenue for both merchant seller and retailer

☑ Create ongoing leads from a wider base of internet (eCommerce) shoppers

☑ Affiliates can reach untapped markets that you may not be able to reach

☑ Find affiliates who is an extension of your sales force and who are promoting your products

☑ Increase revenue with no upfront cost

☑ Pay-out commissions based on conversions

☑ Automated advertising processes

☑ Access to over 100 top performing affiliates worldwide who can promote your products faster

 Become an agency partner to top affiliate networks and be entitled to discounts on set-up and fees.

☑ Banner pixels and tracking designs done by our expert affiliate designers

☑ Notification of fraud alerts on sales of your affiliates and ongoing technical support

☑ Monthly analytics and reports via mobile app to track affiliate sale, performance details and statistics

☑ Our high-quality work at competitive price

☑ Great return on investment (ROI)




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