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We Are The Business Growth Agency For Small & Medium Sized Businesses

We Develop Small & Medium-sized Enterprises

The world is moving at a faster pace than ever, and new entrepreneurs are popping up everywhere on a global scale, but just as quickly going out of business. We are confident that with what we know from helping over 100 different industries, and with a combined team experience of over 60 years, in several countries worldwide, we definitely work together to help entrepreneurs understand this new phenomenon of growth marketing and grow stronger businesses. By applying our plan closely, those who understand and utilize our strategies have an immediate competitive advantage.

 If you are a business owner, founder, CEO, business manager, senior executive or a marketing manager who is looking for growth leads for a start-up, our growth formula business planning will get you the customers
 If you are in business for a while and acquiring new customers while retaining existing ones is important to your business, we provide a simplified and practical method to success.

I invite you to take a look below at how we customize industries and markets to analyze the right approach for our clients, instead of using cookie-cutter methods. We do something extra – we add another layer of customization even with different companies within the same industries, because we believe that a unique selling proposition is what it is – ‘unique’ to all entities, even if in the same industry and market. And that is how we empower our clients, by setting them apart from their competition.


Depending on the country and the trends, there are many definitions of Small & Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs). However, since the needs and the approach to resolution and development are different, we at BPM break down “Small” companies into three groups: those companies with 200 employees or less; those companies that have 50 employees or less; and those with 5 or less employees. We view “Medium-Sized” companies as those with 200-500 employees, and categorize them into two groups: those with less than 350 employees; and those with over 350 employees. In general, when it comes to revenue, we bypass the grand total company revenue to look at the paycheck of the owner(s). Any company that pays its founder less than $500,000 annually for salary is in the ball-park of businesses we want to focus on. Based on our experience, companies could be making millions of dollars but the owner could either be broke, in debt, not on the payroll or receives very little income or cash equity. We believe if you are the innovator, the brain and investor and the one who bears the brunt of the risk, you should be paid well. The New4P™ is a growth trigger to get companies to pay its owners a seven figure paycheck.


Of all company sizes, two out of three companies started at home or small spaces like a garage or basement and morphed into enterprises. Business owners who are out in the field or work from home, who hire themselves out as experts or those who are engaged in recreation and hobby businesses fall into this category. The business can be any size or in any field, but most of the time they are sole entrepreneurs running a practice and are trying to increase their client-base. Being an expert requires some degree of training and high level skill set and their services are in high demanded and quite competitive. What we do for these types of businesses is to utilize The New4P™ to train them how to differentiate themselves from the competition and increase their income using our growth formula. Once we figured out their prime expertise and conceptualize their offering and customer niche, the results are either more customers or higher ticket customers, or both.


A Blogger has quite similar needs as a home-based business owner or consultant. However, the blogger has specific needs that require a specific formula. In the past a typical blogger would just write something based on mood or any topic they felt like expressing, very similar to someone posting on social media. The blog was their arena to voice their opinion, passions and mantra. So in recent past blogging was merely a personal publishing system in the form of a personal online diary. Bloggers realized that because they were attracting an audience who valued their opinions and knowledge they could start having their audience subscribe in order to get more valuable content. This is how a personal blog became a business blog. Business blogging is very different because it requires a skill set on how to target a market area or customer niche with the goal of monetizing the blog. They need to know what audience they are speaking to and what that audience expects. We utilize The New4P™ to train bloggers how to set up their branding from scratch, with the right focus, content and marketing in a business plan that is customized for what they are doing and what they want to accomplish. The goal is to help them build a strong likability, a raving tribe and a powerful voice, with the ability to scale revenue growth.




Many coaches tend to also be bloggers, but we’ve found that coaches and mentors have their own specific industry and require a certain breed of skill-set. Most thought leaders, mentors and coaches lay the foundation of their success on building their brand on valuable ideas – but there is a bigger secret to their success. All mentors and coaches succeed when they learn how to speak to their model customer. They need to know what audience they are speaking to and what that audience expects. Most coaches and mentors reach their model customer effectively by branding what they are good at and mainly these are elements which were their weakness and they have managed to turn them into strengths. This allows them to position as an expert in their field of choice, years ahead of their model customer whom they are positioned to help. We use The New4P™ to train coaches and mentors to define their model customer needs and how to build a unique, premium brand their model customer is unable to resist. They are taught how to instill their voice into their brand, because in their line of business they are most effective to reach their model customer as a voice of experience, a voice that says in every way: “I have been there and look at me now – you too can be like me and I’ll show you how.”


We combine these genres because their needs are similar. Both require direct marketing skills, strategic techniques and a specific sales system as well as the ability to leverage a sales team to build income. Their knowledge to attract customers is just as profound as having a strong sales team that impacts their bottom-line. We instill The New4P™ to train them to maintain a success mindset and foster a healthy environment for a cohesive and energetic team spirit that attracts loyal customers. In most cases these companies already have a build-in operating and sales system, but we use The New4P™ system to train them how to brand themselves as the expert in their field. Branding the company is one thing but branding yourself is a totally different ball-game, especially for network marketers. Self-branding not only inspires people to want to work with you, but it also incites customers to trust you as being the face and the value proposition of the company. As a result, although other representatives from your company may not have a great reputation, you will earn a valuable reputation from self-branding. You become the face of your company, and we teach you how to do this through modern marketing with our business planning system.



If you have a product to sell, we have a team to help you incorporate a sales and marketing strategy within your business plan to reach your customers online. Starting an eCommerce business is hard work, and equally hard is having a successful one. There are many steps to take and a lot of decisions that need to come together at the right time and with the right trading partners. Competition is tight and you have to know how to stand out in your industry and market. You need to scale and scale quickly with definitive groundwork. Using The New4P™ we customize a step-by-step guidance and put together a comprehensive resource list to generate a solid plan for success. From evaluating your idea, to finding the product, to insights on the competition, to registering, setting up your website, etc., branding, marketing, and selling your product to customers who are looking for your products – we ensure your plan will keep your business growing. By leveraging our business planning system we help you define and solidify the key metrics that drive your business and help you build on-going relationships with your customers.


Some business is hard to start, while others are so easy. We work side by side with you to help you start a successful business from Day 1. We love working with new business owners to start them off from scratch with a solid foundation to build success. There is a lot riding on a start-up success, emotions can run high and work load can be significant. We ignite all the principles of The New4P™ to get their mind ready for action, brainstorm their idea to ensure they are offering what people really want and not just to have a business. We help them keep down their costs, from building a structure to setting up their business entity, choosing the name, logo, website creation; insurance; branding, customer target; competitive advantage, suitable digital marketing, cost-effective SEO, PPC, Sales Funnel/Landing Page, and so on. We take out the complexity and time wasting to get your company up and running in a week to a month depending on what you are doing. We don’t believe in slow start-up and long and drawn out business plans. The goal from the start is to narrow down your list of to-dos quickly so you can start making some serious income.

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